My Linux Car Project

Links and Acknowledgements

Various ideas from interesting discussions at helped me very much.

The original idea to use LDO regulator came from here.

As far as I know, roots of all ideas to use PC as in-car MP3 player is here. (He then founded Empeg.) (Japanese) is an interesting and useful site for PIC circuit and programming and other electronic constructions.

At Akizuki Denshi (Japanese) I bought PIC microcontroller and other interesting electronic components for reasonable price.

I purchased components which are otherwise hard to obtain at RS Components (Japanese).

When I bought Akizuki's PIC programmer, I had to reboot to Windows to use it, but now I can do everything on Linux, thanks to akipic (Japanese).

Mr. Tahira at the car dealer was so kind to tell me how to wire in the car.

Choong Kim from Korea has translated my pages to Korean.

Lastly, I always appreciate my wife's patience and help.

My Linux Car Project