My Linux Car Project

This project is to mount a small PC in the car, to enjoy MP3 music corresponding to hundreds of CDs, films ripped from DVDs, games, web browsing, email..., you name it, in the car!

It must pull power from car battery, boot up automatically as I start engine, shut down automatically as I turn the ignition key to off, display video on navigation's monitor, and have easy control such as gamepad.

In this site is nothing more than my experience, nothing guarantees information here is correct, works as expected, or is safe. Modifying car wiring or attaching your own circuit to the car can cause fire or car accident. If you decide to follow this web site and do something, you take your own risk, I don't have any responsibility. You have been warned.


Mar 28 2003
Korean translation has been added, many thanks to Choong Kim!
Mar 16 2003
Schematics are drawn with gschem.