My Linux Car Project

Mainboard and Case

VIA EPIA 5000 is a small (17x17cm), low power consumption, and fanless all-in-one PC mainboard. Ideal for a car PC. Cubid 2677 case, designed specifically for this form factor (Mini-ITX), has a small DC-to-DC converter board instead of normal PSU, powered from external "brick" type 12VDC mains adapter. This is favorable for supplying power from car battery.

Before I found EPIA, I wanted to use a single board computer for embedded application, which was a little too expensive, however. EPIA + Cubid is almost ¥20,000 (about US$170). Adding RAM and a hard disk to it makes a good computer. I purchased 256MB memory for about ¥3,000, and used a spare 20GB hard drive.

Its CPU is Eden 533MHz, low-power version of VIA C3, soldered directly to the mainboard. It's a matter of course to have enough power to decode MP3, I thought it's also enough to play DVD movie (though it turned out to be not an easy task), so I chose fanless 533MHz version rather than 800MHz with CPU-fan.

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