My Linux Car Project

Modifying the Case

Inside Cubid case, there is a spare space behind the HDD, unless PCI card is installed. At first I thought whole the circuit would fit in this space, but it turned out to be impossible when designing components layout, so I decided to split it into a regulator board, which has power-related large components, and a controller board with PIC and peripheral components. The regulator board goes to that spare space, and the controller board would be put on top of hard disk mounting frame.

However, as the controller board is actually built, its connectors are too tall, so the case can't be closed. After some thoughts, I put it under the slim CD/DVD drive mounter (unused), in an irregular way. At that position I can see the LED and also can barely turn the VR.

Controller board mounted

The regulator board is mounted directly on the chassis. If screws are used in normal way, screw heads or nuts must be sticking out of the base of chassis. So I drilled small holes, and made the threads for screws with a tap. This part of chassis has double steel plates, regulator board has been fixed tightly. To adjust screw length, I used some washers, then at the bottom of the chassis screws are sticking out less than 1mm. They are covered by rubber tape then.

Regulator board mounted

To connect power lines to the car, it needs 3-pin connector (battery, ignition, and ground), but I don't know what kind of connector is big enough for power, and can be mounted to the case easily. So I draw out the cables for about 20cm, and then put on a coupler. For this, I made a 'U'-shaped hole at chassis using a drill and a hacksaw. The power cables are out through the hole with a rubber grommet.

The hole for power wires Case closed

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